"If you can dream it, you can do it."

My name is Natalie Free and I am a 28 year old photographer based in Cambridgeshire. I own 6 horses, 2 dogs, 2 tortoises and a highland cow so it's no wonder animals became my speciality.
I have always had a passion for photography and I grew up watching one of Cambridgeshire's best photographers, my grandad, Michael Manni. Horses were always my go to animal with the camera, from when I was a child and my grandad took me to photograph the point-to-point races right up until now where my photographs have been published world wide. What started as a hobby quickly progressed into a whole lot more and eventually my logo was created to honour the man who always told me to chase my dreams no matter the cost.

So far I have been very lucky in my photography career having had photographs displayed in exhibitions all over the world, on the front of magazine covers and in many newspapers. I've spoken on the radio about my photography and met many amazing people on my on my journey and I can't wait to see what the rest of my journey has to offer.
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